Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love is in the air...

It's still chilly here in Cologne, we had 4°C/39°F today, but it has been sunny the whole day long!!! The days are getting longer and it seems like spring is lurking to finally break through!!! I see the birdies building their nests in the trees and feel that love is in the air - but I am single...

You might know, that I have a little crush on @grrlysquirrel, but she is human and has a human boyfriend. When I found out, she won't leave him for me, it almost broke my piggy heart, but I said to myself "Mookie, you have to accept her decision!!!" And believe me, I won't fight her boyfriend, as he could break all my bones with his little finger!!!

But lately, in my dreams, the vision of a wonderful piggy beauty shew up again and again!!! I asked my mom to paint her for me, so I can show it here on my blog.

So, if you're somewhere out there, princess of my dreams, remember, here is a handsome, young male, who has piles of carrots to share, seeking you...


  1. Aww Mookie, how cute! I hope you find the sweet little piggy princess of your dreams! If I was a guinea pig, I'd totally be your girlfriend ;-).

  2. I will B on da lookout 4 U mookie, I do hope U find dat 1 truelove !!!HUGS HUGS XXXXXX


  3. Sorry @grrlysquirrel dumpted you for a ooman. She obviously doesn't know what she's doing! (he he - just kidding). I'm sure der is a girlly out der somewhere just waiting for you sweetie.

  4. I'll keep my eyes out for a piggie for you, Mookie!

  5. Woooooooooooo Mookie make sure she likes football I heard girlfriends can be a bit reluctant to let you watch lots of football.

  6. Hey "Mookie" bist ganz spitz oder?


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