Friday, April 16, 2010

I've been tagged!!!

My friends @grrlysquirrel and @Kolo_Martin tagged me for a photo game!!! I was really excited about it, but it took me some time, to post the photo here. The first reason is, that I'm a little behind with my bloggy, due to all the great adventures of my mate Lippe, on his trip around the world. There is sooooo much to tell about his journey, that there ain't much time left for other blog posts - and you all know, I'm a very busy pig!!! The second reason this entry took me so long is about my photo for the game...

But let me tell you the game's instructions first:

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and tell a little bit about it
4. Pass it on to 5 others

Okay, here is my photo:

My mom painted this Charlie Chaplin a few years ago. For me, that's all I have to tell about it, but you don't know my mom and how crazy she is about Charlie Chaplin... She says, she's in love with him - and I'm afraid, she's serious...

So, she won't let me get out of this, without telling the whole story of Charlie Chaplin's life. I was like "mom, don't bore anybody!!!" and told her, a brief Charlie story is enough!!! She would like me to type a 10 page post, but I will only give you the bare fact. But, if anybody wants to chat about Charlie Chaplin with my mom, PLEASE contact her, and free me from discussing his films and life again and again!!! Thank you!!!

For you mom and happy birthday Charlie!!!:

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889, in Walworth, London. His parents Hannah and Charles senior both were music hall artists. They separated when he was very young and little Charlie and his elder half-brother Sydney continued to live with their mother. Their life included extreme poverty, being put into workhouses and seeing their mother's mental decline moving on and on.

At age 9, Charlie joined the Eight Lancashire Lads, a dancing troupe, which toured through England. Back in London, he took over parts in Jim, a Romance of Cockayne and Sherlock Holmes. By that time, his brother Sydney had joined the Karno Company and managed, to get Charlie involved, too.

In 1910, Charlie first toured the United States with the Karno Company and returned for a second tour in 1912. During this time, he met Mack Sennett, owner of the Keystone Film Company and was hired by him. In 1914, Charlie was starring in his first film, called Making A Living. He was first seen as the mustachioed little tramp in Keystone's Kid Auto Races at Venice, which was released February 7th 1914.

In 1915, just one year after the Tramp's birth and 50 films later, his success was overwhelming and he moved to Essanay Company. Noteable films of the Essanay period include A Night Out, The Champion, The Tramp, Work, The Bank and Charlie Chaplin's Burlesque on Carmen.

In 1916, Chaplin moved on to Mutual, with greater control over his films and bigger financial rewards. He made his short comedies One A.M., The Pawnshop, The Rink, Easy Street, The Cure and The Immigrant for Mutual.

First National Company were next and Charlie constructed his first full-lenght masterpiece The Kid (1921) for them.

In 1919, Chaplin co-founded United Artists and made his first film for them in 1923 - A Woman of Paris, which maybe is the least known of his films, as he only had a guest appereance as a porter. A Woman of Paris was followed by his classics The Gold Rush (1925), The Circus (1928), City Lights ( 1931, my mom's all time favorite) and Modern Times (1936). Chaplin was not a supporter of talking films, which is not surprising, as the Tramp got his magic from being a pantomime. So, it wasn't until 1940, that he made his first talking film, the Great Dictator, followed by Monsieur Verdoux (1947) and Limelight (1952), Chaplin's look back at the world of music halls.

He made two more films, A King in New York (1957) and A Countess from Hong Kong (1967, with Marlon Brando and Sofia Loren). Charlie spent his final years in Switzerland, writing new music for his films and enjoying his family, before he died on Christmas Day 1977.

Is there anybody still reading??? I hope so, because now, I have to pass the game on to 5 others!!! As I'm very late with my post, most of my pals, who run a bloggy themselves, have been already tagged, too. So, I decided, to pass it also on to 5 Twitter pals, who might put their pics in TwitPic, or TweetPhoto, or even finally start their own blogs...

Here they are:


Happy posting!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanna sit on my park bench, baby???

Yesterday was a great day for me!!! Wanna know why??? I received the first parcel of my life!!! It was sent to me by my darling @jazzydacat and she had ordered my present on the internet - in German!!! Clever kitty, that Jazzy!!!

It was a BIG parcel and it was addressed to Herr Mookie Kobs - and I really don't know, why my mom finds this funny... Humans!!!

I told her not to laugh silly, but to open it and then checked it from all sides...

And now, guess, what was inside - a park bench just for me!!! Mom wanted to make me lay down on it, with her ridiculous slice of carrot, but I was really hungry and decided to see, if the bench had a nice taste too...

...nope, it's definitely no food!!! So, I had a lay on the bench, but suddenly slipped down and almost landed on my back!!! My mom was laughing hard, telling me "Oh Mookie, I'm afraid, you're too fat for that bench!!!" Unbelievable!!! Am I fat?!

I finally placed my bench into my cage and covered it with hay, so mom won't see me trying it out again...

I love my bench and I love you, my dear Jazzy!!! And believe me, I'm not fat, darling, I'm only fluffy!!!

Thank you sooooo much for your pawsome present!!! BIG HUGS and lots of XXXXXXX to you!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another sad goodbye and some woofin' wif da Lexie...

Little Lippe's trip is going sooooo well, it's just overwhelming!!! I knew, my anipals would take great effort in giving Lippe a good time at their places, but the adventures he experienced so far, were just pawsome!!!

Traveling the world is great fun, but there are also sad moments to go through. Saying goodbye is always hard for Lippe and his hosts. He spent a wonderful week in Oakham with Fuzzy, but time flew by way too fast again!!!

At their last evening together, they finished their book about The Monkeys Escape...

...and the next morning came. Lippe, Fuzzy and his siblings met for a group hug...

...followed by a last BIG hug from Fuzzy, before Lippe had to leave.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fuzzy!!! You were a great host and became a very good friend for Lippe!!! I'm sure, he will visit you again, when he's back from his adventure!!!

Fuzzy took many, many pawsome pics of Lippe's visit!!! You may see more of them on his flickr, it's definitely worth watching!!!

But Lippe had to move on to his next destination at @dogstoyevsky 's, to arrive their on time for Easter!!!

I was a little worried, if he might be scared of Lexie, as he is not used to doggies, but no, it was love at first sight between Lippe and her!!!

They became friends right away and Lippe loves to give his Lexie some nice ear rubs.

In the evening, Lexie wanted to take part in @henryandfriends #keepfits on Twitter, but I guess, Lippe got her a little wrong...

He was tired from his journey, but there was enough time for some chocolate eggs before going to sleep...

The next morning came and the sun was out and smiling for Lippe and Lexie!!!

They decided to have a little play in the garden, so Lexie grabbed her ball and off they went...

But I guess, Lippe had football on his mind, when Lexie asked him for a game and not throwing this iron thing around...

After the game, they both needed a little rest and some treats.

Later that day, Lippe went to bellydancing with Lexie's mum!!! I'm not sure, if he wasn't a little too overdressed...

However, the dancing ladies loved him and little Lippe felt like having a BIG harem!!! The troupe teached him some bellyrolls and I can tell you, Lippe has enough belly to roll...

The next day, Lexie took her new little friend to a birdy reservation. Lippe was very excited, as he loves to watch birdies!!! He even tried to fly like a bird too...

It was a windy day at the reservation, but Lippe was a good boy and wore his waistcoat, he got from Fuzzy, outside. And Lexie was very caring and sheltered him from the wind.

Next day, next adventure!!! Lexie and her peeps took Lippe to Colchester Castle and the Hollytrees Museum!!!

Time for a little more history!!!

Let me tell you about Colchester Castle first:

Beneath Colchester Castle are the remains of the most famous Roman buildings, the Temple of Claudius (built 54 AD - 60 AD). The Romans built the temple, to show off their power and success, but the native Britons felt oppressed by them, so that the temple became a main target of the rebels led by Queen Boudica, who attacked the Roman town of Colchester in AD 60. They barricaded themselves into the temple, but after two days, they were all killed by the Romans. Up to 30,000 people could have been killed, but the town and temple were rebuilt after the revolt.

Around 1076, the great stone base of the ruined temple became the foundation for Colchester Castle. But the huge size of the temple meant, that the keep of Colchester Castle was the largest ever built in Britain. Nowadays, it's the largest existing example in Europe.

Colchester Castle was ordered by William I and building went on until 1080, when a threat of Viking invasion forced a stop. But the Castle was completed around 1100.

In 1645, Matthew Hopkins, a self-made Witchfinder General, used the Castle to imprison and interrogate suspected witches.

In 1648, during the final stages of the English Civil War, the Royalist leaders Sir George Lisle and Sir Charles Lucas, were executed just to the rear of the Castle. It is a local legend, that grass will not grow on the spot, on which they fell.

Colchester Castle has been used as a museum since 1860 and is still a symbol of Colchester, the oldest recorded town of Britain.

Now, we all need a little break, a piece of cake and plenty of whipped cream...

...before I go on telling you about Hollytrees Museum:

Hollytrees Museum is situated in an 18th century house, which was used as a private residence until 1929. Then, it was turned into a museum. It was built in 1718 and is called Hollytrees, because of two holly trees planted there in 1729.

Some people claim, that there is a ghost living at Hollytrees. Many of the staff have reported footsteps and piano playing accompanied by wafts of perfume...

At Hollytrees Museum, Lippe discovered 300 years of English history and he learnt much about the life of the rich and the poor people during that period.

He tried out their machines...

...watched their uniforms...

...and picked a precious tea spoon for his Earl Grey.

After a long day at Colchester, Lippe needed a rest and picked an old chair at the museum for it - I hope that was not the reason, they threw him into jail...

Outside the museum, he saw a phone and wanted to give us a call - but he had forgotten our phone number!!! Oh, dear!!!

So, he went back into the museum and left us an old-fashioned text message before they left homebound!!!

After their adventure at Colchester, Lexie and Lippe spent a lazy Easter Sunday at home. Lippe had a traditional English breakfast served in bed and I bet, all of it disappeared in his tummy!!! You see, he is completely feeling at home, but I hope, he took only his shirt off and not also the pants...

Later, Lippe and Lexie watched some Formula 1.

Lippe was very happy about Sebastian Vettel's victory, but Lexie looks a little (just a little ;-)) upset, as the English drivers did not really well...

Then, they took a little walk down to the water, to end the day.

Thank you Lexie and peeps for all the great adventures and the many, many pawsome pics you took for us!!! We hope you're enjoying Lippe's stay with you as much, as we do!!!

If you haven't met Lexie on Twitter, do it right now @dogstoyevsky!!!

And check out her pawsome bloggy as well!!!