Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I fall for you boy...

My mom loves music and she loves to play drums!!! Her favorite drummer is Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy. And guess what?! She once ran into Andy Hurley in Cologne, when she was out to do some window shopping!!! And now, guess again - did she talk to him??? No, she didn't!!! She was close to a heart attack, but cool enough, to pretend, she wouldn't know him!!! Did I mention, I have a silly mom before???

However, I just found a pawsome comic builder called bitstrips on the internet and created another version of her "Hurley drama"...


  1. Hehehe you has a silly mom! But wot if'n it woz a Hurley stunt double and your mom had talked to him? That would has been very silly! I say better safe than sorry.

  2. Oh dat is funny. Purrrfct comic strip too.

  3. Oh humans always do that kind of thing what is wrong with them?

  4. He, he! N thinks your mum is not silly at all but very cool!!! She likes drummers too! I'm not sure she did the wrong thing, famous people can be very rude sometimes.


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