Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lippe's time in the Netherlands...

Little Lippe spent wonderful times in the Netherlands!!! @bijntje and his family were great hosts to him and made him feel at home right away!!!

They live in Maassluis, which is a very beautiful Dutch town, with some nice attractions to pay a visit to!!!

One of Maassluis' attractions definitely is the old mill!!! It was built in 1690 and Lippe had to see it!!!
Here, you can see his posing in front of the mill!!!

The entrance of the Maassluis' Korenmolen.

Lippe sneaking into the mill's shop...

Did Lippe find himself a new place to live in Maassluis?!

Brave Lippe loves adventure!!!

After Lippe went to see the windmill, he visited the harbour.

There is a very interesting open air museum with lots of tugboats to see.

This steam tugboat has been shown on a Dutch TV series!!! Maybe Lippe will become a TV star too!!!

Or he thinks about becoming a sailor...

...or even a nautical engineer?!

What a nice view, Lippe!!!

Lippe also went to see the old town hall of Maassluis...

...and Bijntje told him a lot about the history of his hometown and the meaning of these city arms.

The other day, Lippe went to Naaldwijk with Bijntje's mum to buy new contact lenses for her.

Here he is in Naaldwijk.

He also went to work with Bijntje's mum, but it seems like all he had to do there was more posing...

...and touching stuff... oh, oh, not the precious football!!!

Her working place looks like paradise for Lippe...

Back at Bijntje's home, he watched Grey's Anatomy with Bijntje and his human sister Selina...

...and had a play with my piggy pal Snoefje.

One last ride through Maassluis...

...and time to say goodbye came much too soon!!!

Thank you Bijntje and family for the wonderful time Lippe spent at your home and for all the nice pics, which made us become a part of Lippe's adventure!!! You were pawsome hosts and he will definitely want to come back to you!!! BIG BIG HUGS!!!

Lippe is currently on his way to England, where he will visit @i_am_fuzzy next!!! He is looking forward to some funky ABBA dancing with him!!!


  1. How pawesome! I can't wait til Lippe visits me!

  2. What a nice blog about us. We do miss Lippe beary much but we also know that he'll be in good hands with Fuzzy. And he is going on an exciting trip around the world.
    Would like to host him again cos he is such a nice character. Maybe he comes back on his way home.
    Lots of bear hugs @Bijntje

  3. Awww - dat was so much fun to read. We loved the pictures too and learning about the town. What a great adventure.

  4. What a great stay with Bijntje and family. Such fun! Thank you!

  5. That looked like so much fun! What adventures Lippe had in the Netherlands! My mom has been there but I haven't so now I feel like I have been there too.

  6. it is so fun to learn about new places and Lippe is gonna let us learn all about how our anipals live!
    Can't wait for next set of pictures!!

  7. What a great time Lippe had we can't wait to meet him I know we will be going to the US while he is in England but maybe he will come to us on his way back we promise to give him a great time.

  8. Wow! Lippe has had such great adventures already...and that was just his first stop!

  9. I'm so enjoying reading about his travels and can't wait to meet him in palson! @Bijntje really should him a good time it will be hard to beat!


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