Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lippe entered England!!!

Our little pal Lippe entered the shores of England yesterday!!! @i_am_fuzzy and his brothers gave him a warm welcome in German - and made our eyes water!!!

Lippe also met Fuzzy's friend @Wheatus24, who paid them a visit. They went out together to see Oakham Castle...

and the All Saints Church, where they had flowers planted in Lippe's eye-colour to welcome him!!!

Then, after an exciting day, bed time came. Fuzzy put on his plaid pyjamas, which matches perfectly with Lippe's shirt and read a good night story to him, to make him feel cosy and at home!!!

Thank you so very much for giving our Lippe such great times, Fuzzy!!! He looks sooooo lucky in the pics you took!!! We send all our love and BIGGEST HUGS to you!!!

But there was another surprise waiting for us, when we opened the mail box today - a post card Lippe sent us from the Netherlands before he left to England!!! Everybody was freaking out and wanted to read the card first, but we finally decided, that Hugh should read it out loud, as he is @bijntje 's cousin and I sniffed on the card, to make sure it has Lippe's smell on it. I can tell you - it has!!!

Here is what Lippe wrote:

Dear family,
I am leaving this town and go on my way to England. I am missing you all but am very excited about my trip around the world. I promiss that I'll be a good boy and let you know about what I am doing.
Love & kisses
England here I come

Enjoy your stay with Fuzzy, Lippe!!! Have a wonderful time, Fuzzy is taking good care of you!!! But we miss you though!!!


  1. How totally pawsome that Lippe sent you a postcard from the Netherlands. Also, love the latest pics from England! (((hugs))) *kisskiss*

  2. Wot a nice welcome Lippe got in England! He looks like he is having so much fun.

  3. Lippe sure is having a great trip around the world! We're looking forward to his arrival here in the US! I'm gonna smooooooch him!

  4. Lippe is certainly having a great adventure. Such wonderful hosts too - taking such good care of him and showing him around their country. Can't wait for his visit.

  5. look slike Lippe iz enjoyin himself in England!

  6. Oh what a great time Lippe is having and what a good boy to always send cards.


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