Saturday, January 30, 2010

My funky new piggy cursor!!!

I just found a really funky guinea pig cursor to add to my blog!!! I hope you all like it and it brings a smile to your faces!!! By the way... can you see it at all???

Monday, January 25, 2010

Pimpin' Playa Pig!!!

Okay, football is my passion, but now have a look at that pic my mom drew of me!!! And this is supposed to be a football I'm holding and not a cookie... that would be so much the worse!!! But notice that silly expression on my face?! Do I really look like that???

I can tell you it is hard work being a hustlaman, when your mom always sees the cutie pie in you!!! I mean I may be little, I may be fluffy and I must confess yes, I have little button eyes, but I am still the ladies pick, mom!!!

So let's be indulgent to my her, as she can't help it, she just has the mom-view on me!!! But next time, remember what I told you and bring that player pig to paper!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You call it football, we call it passion!!!

I have to say Twitter is magic!!! I made so many friends from all over the world!!! And I want to tell you more about all these great pals I found there!!! I was very amazed and impressed by all your kind and positive reactions on my blog about my very special kitty friend Sir Fudge Esq!!! Thank you all sooooo much, I really appreciate your interest in my blog!!! BIG HUGS ( to you too, Sir Miesepeter)!!!

Today, I want to tell you about another pawsome friend of mine!!! His name is Kolo, he is a baboon and he lives on a beautiful English isle. What makes our friendship so special is our passion for football. England and Germany both have a long tradition in football, England is even called the home of football.

But our two countries both share a big rivalry. And this rivalry is not just about football. It also has something to do with this terrible war started by the little evil, moustache wearing man in the late 1930's. This war made English and German people fight and kill each other. The Germans destroyed many beautiful English cities, like London, where Kolo's pawsons come from. And my hometown Cologne was destroyed by English bombs. The nasty little man, who started this all off, decided to leave the world cowardly in 1945, but the world he left had changed and people here in Germany, as well as in England, were deeply shocked by what they had gone through. For a long time, people in both our countries weren't able to forgive each other and so they found another battlefield - the football pitch...

Football is favourite for both, the English and Germans and both are fanatical about it!!! As I told you before, England is where it all started. The English national team, called the "Three Lions", played their first match in 1872. They became World Champions in 1966, when the World Cup took place in their home country. The final was contested by England and Germany. English player Geoff Hurst shot a controversial goal in extra time. The ball hit the underside of the cross bar, bounced down and was cleared. The referee was unsure, if it was on, or over the line, so he consulted his linesman. They had a non-verbal communication, cause they had no common language. Afterwards, the referee awarded the goal to England. Germany felt cheated and fobbed off! But let's see, what happened earlier... The German national team had their first official match in 1908. They played unofficial matches against England in 1899 and 1901 and those games ended with embarrassing high losses for Germany!!! And in 1909 Germany's highest loss ever happened to occur against English amateurs - it was a 9:0 loss, for those of you, who are interested... Oh yes, it was a pity for Germany in the beginning, but they improved their football skills and became World Champions in 1954, 1974 and 1990!!!

There is definitely enough space for a football rivalry between England and Germany!!! The English claim to be the number one football nation, as they gave birth to our beloved game. But the Germans say "we are three time World Champions, so whose number one in football, huh?" Or "the goal in final 1966 was no goal and you did not deserve to become World Champions that year, it should have been our title instead!" There might be a rivalry between Kolo's and my country, but there ain't a rivalry between us!!!

Kolo is an Arsenal supporter. FC Arsenal London was formed as "Dial Square" by workers at the Royal Arsenal munitions factory. That was back in 1886. By today, FC Arsenal are one of Englands 4 most successful football clubs! They're called "The Gunners" and their mascot is the "Gunnersaurus". Kolo took his name from former Arsenal player Kolo Touré and he was very sad, when Touré left the club last summer!!! My footie-pal Kolo catched me with his passion for Arsenal and I always cross my paws for a win!

Now let me tell you about my football club, the 1 FC Köln. It was formed in 1948 and it's mascot is a living billy goat called Hennes! Hennes the 1st was given to the club by a circus director in 1950 as a lucky charm. That worked out really well for a while and Cologne celebrated many successes. Nowadays, they're hardly staying in 1st Bundesliga, which is the number one football league here in Germany. But I'm a "kölsche Jung" (that's Cologne dialect for Colonian boy) and I'll keep on supporting the club! It belongs to the city like our cathedral and you can't be Colonian brewed, without supporting the FC! Kolo always hopes for a win for my team too, but most of the time, we don't have enough paws to cross together to help it!!!

Kolo made me learn a lot about Arsenal and I brought FC Köln closer to him! We talk footie on Twitter and we even play footie on Twitter, we're just great friends in football! This summer, the next World Cup will be held in South Africa. There is a possibility, that England and Germany will have to play each other in the round of the last 16 teams. That means one of our countries would have to kick out the other... How sad, cause World Cups are held only every 4 years and I want England and Germany to stay in the competition as long as possible! And most of all, I don't want Germany to kick out Kolo's team or be thrown out of comp by them!!!

World Cups are the biggest celebration in football and Kolo and I are longing for it to start! I will be very sad, if England kicks us out in summer, but if it happens to be, they were the better team! Then I will support England and cross my paws for them to become World Champions! I know Kolo will do the same for Germany! We gonna have great fun, watching World Cup and cheering together!!! And guess what?! It would be even less embarrassing for Germany to be thrown out by the next Champions...

But what I'm trying to say with all my pathetic talking is, that I found a very, very pawsome friend in Kolo! He is the best footie-pal I can imagine! So, if you're interested in football, or just want to have a great buddy, you should meet him!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello RRRiot Kitty!!!

Today I want to tell you all how I got my blog's name!!! I have been thinking about the right name for quite a while. Needless to say, that I had enough time to think, as it took my mom months to manage my first entry... But every name I found didn't really satisfy me!!! Until someone special gave me ideas...

I am talking about my Mister Sir Fudge Esq!!! If you haven't met him yet, get your damn asses up and find out about him!!! I'm talking this way, because it fits Mister Fudge. He is a very unique kitty (and he will hate me for calling him a kitty, but to me, every cat is a kitty), as, for God's sake, he likes to swear and loves his booze!!! A lot of booze... But most of all, he hates hugging or kissing!!! When I wanted to give him a *nose tap* he asked me "ARE YOU NUTS???" So, he strongly refuses to be a part of our hugging-community on Twitter and #Pawcircles are disgusting him, he thinks they're just to fit human needs and for their boohoo!

Isn't he lovely??? Yes, he is!!! Believe me, Mister Fudge has a BIG heart!!! He is a Miesepeter (as we call someone very grumpy in German), but he is a nice one!!! Before Christmas he put on a Santa hat, because I was indignant at his lack of Christmas spirit!!! He did it just for me even though it caused him pain!!! Pain??? Pure agony!!! Okay, he kept posing with a Vodka bottle, while wearing the Santa hat, but that's Mister Fudge!!! And when I came out as his Rudi, it brought tears to his eyes, and he was not afraid to confess it to me!!! He is a kitty riot, he brings the action to Twitter, cause he might be a rather inconvenient fellow to some on there!!! But he doesn't care, he just keeps swearing his ass off, grumbling about #Pawcircles!!! But he does it with a wink and a smile...

That's why I love my Mister Fudge!!! He might be vain, he might be grumpy, but he's honest and never fishing for compliments too!!! Never??? ... Okay, let's say never!!! And I know for sure about his hearty side!!! He is from Austrian origin and he has a favour for Sissi, the Austrian empress!!! I don't know, if you all know her, but there are movies about her life and they're so corny IT HURTS!!! And now imagine that old Miesepeter watching his Sissi dvds, while having a whole bottle of Scotch, keeping on swearing like a bluff sailor tattooer!!! I'm sure that one day, Sissi will open his heart and he will be ready for a hugging orgy!!!

But how did it come to the name "Meerschwein Extraordinaire"??? I don't know why, but in some way Mister Fudge shows me a lot of respect!!! He strongly believes he's better than me, as I'm just a little piggy. And believe me, he won't refuse to tell me so... But he takes my advice and often leaves me more than surprised about it!!! That means a lot to me, as you know, Mister Fudge is a very honest kitty and not scared of being uncomfortable!!! And he gives me names, that show his respect for me. He often calls me Graf Schnille von Meerschweinstein, which is a rather blown up name, as Graf is an Earl, but Mister Fudge loves aristocracy and anything with an intellectual touch!!! Guess why he calls himself an Esquirer??? But he also started calling me a Meerschwein (guinea pig) extraordinaire, which might be blown up too, but it's unique - just like Mister Fudge!!!

Now everybody, swear the hell out of it and meet Mister Fudge, he won't bite you!!! Won't he...???

Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG, I finally got my blog!!!

I have been talking to my mom for months now to set me a blog up!!! But all she did was signing up with Blogger, to forget the email addresses and pass words she used!!! It's a pity with my mom...

But now I finally forced her to write my first blog entry on the third (!) blog she set up for me!!! And I'm very excited about having my own blog now, cause I have a lot to say...

I have been on Twitter for almost one year now and I found way more than I ever expected when I joined in!!! The anipal community there is absolutely amazing and pawsome (as we use to say). I found animal and human friends from all over the world on Twitter!!! My anipals live in the US, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Australia, or, like me, in Germany. Many of them became close friends of mine and we're in contact for many months now and chat almost daily on Twitter.
One day, the wisest bear on earth, the bear doctor found out how much I like post cards and decided to send me one!!! Soon, many other of my anipals wanted to send me post cards too!!! I received more than 60 (!) over the last months, plus a bunch of wonderful Christmas cards and my first Halloween card ever!!! Our kitchen wall is postered with all them cards and we will have to take over another wall soon!!! I would like to thank you all sooooo much for sending me these beautiful cards!!! I love you and you are the best pals I could ever imagine!!!
Here's me with my first post card from the Doc!!! Thank you for starting this off, we miss you on Twitter, come back soon!!!