Sunday, March 14, 2010

Introducing Mookie 2.0

Yesterday was my Gotcha Day!!! I have been living with my mom for 3 years now!!! She always took good care of me during these years and from time to time, she made me presents. My opinion - it could have been more...

But however, she wanted to celebrate my 3rd Gotcha Day with a very special present - the Mookie doll, aka Mookie 2.0!!!

There are so many artists in our Twitter community, like @snuffynorton, who designes pawsome clothes and is blessed with great talent; or @elineof, who makes adorable cute teddies and puts all her heart and soul into her handmade goods; or @ZackRabbit, who is a comic artist, as well, as a more than popular cooking chef!!! There are sooooo many creative anipals, it's impossible to mention them all. But you all inspired my mom and gave her ideas!!! So, she decided to make the Mookie doll for my anniversary!!!

She has no clue about all that stuff and just tried to fix all parts together!!! heehee Here is the result: Mookie 2.0!!!

Thank you for the present, mom, I'm happy we met... And you're lucky, I picked you to spend my life with!!!


  1. Great stunt double you has there! Happy Gotcha Day!

  2. ohhh - Mookie 2.0 is so adorable. You has a very talented mama. Happy Gotcha Day sweetie.

  3. What a lovely gift from your mom!

  4. Oh Mookie 2.0 is cute I don't think anyone will ever make Kolo 2.0!

  5. I think your mom did a great job Mookie it looks just like you !!!now you has a bro or sis LOL xxxxHUGS



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