Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lippe's 1st day in the Netherlands!!!

Good news everybody!!! Our little pal Lippe made it safe and sound to his first destination in the Netherlands!!!

@Bijntje and Opa gave him a warm welcome and took good care of him!!!

And look, Lippe even has his own little bed at Bijntje's home, with sexy senorita Shakira watching over him!!! I bet, that was after Lippe's fancy and he had some sweet dreams!!! heehee

Thank you very much for taking these pawsome pics, Bijntje!!! Everybody may comment on them in Bijntje's TwitPic as well!!!

We know, Lippe is having a beary good time with you!!! We're looking forward to more news to come!!! Thanks and BIG BIG HUGS!!!


  1. Oh wow Lippe looks so comfortable there I bet he is having fun I would be surprised if he ever wants to move on.

  2. Lippe looks like he is having a very good time!

  3. Is Lippe going to want to leave there to visit anyone else???

  4. awww that beary sweet nd i sure lippe wil hav funs on his travels nd bee big travlah by th tyme he cum howm!

  5. Good to know tha Lippe is safe in the best company a little bear can have!

  6. Oh - dat is such a nice bed Lippie has. It's good to know he arrived safe too. Can't wait until he comes to visit us.


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