Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lippe has a dream...

I guess you already know it by now - each and everybody in my family is completely nuts - except me!!!

I have to live with a baking lion and a Green Day loving teddy; oh yes, I'm a guinea pig with issues!!!

But there is another member of my crazy family I want to tell you about. His name is Chewbacca, yes the one from Star Wars, but we call him Lippe. Lippe is the German word for lip and we call him Lippe, because of his outstanding lip!!! He is a Wookiee with a BIG dream - he wants to see the world!!!

I don't know, if you heard about it yet, but many of our stuffed little pals develop great ambitions and start dreaming of traveling around!!! I just found out, there even is a travel agency for them on the internet, as well, as sites, where you can register, to send your friend out into his journey!!!

When they found out about stuffed pals traveling the world, everybody here wanted to go on a journey - except @Poooldiii, who is to cowardly. A cowardly lion, imagine that!!! Oh boy!!! And @F_R_E_D_I can't leave for too long, as he wants to see Green Day live again in June. All the others were too BIG, so we decided to give Lippe the opportunity to travel.

But we feel a little uncomfortable sending him to people we don't know. So I told him, I would ask my Twitter pals, if they would like to host him on his trip. I have been a part of the anipal community on Twitter for more than a year now and I know, we can trust our Twitter pals!!! And I also know, that nothing is impossible!!! I started my post card collection with one post card from @beardoctor and received almost 70 (!) post cards, plus Christmas cards, Halloween cards, Valentine's Day cards and friendship cards from my anipals by now!!! It's so overwhelming and amazing, I still can't believe it!!!

So, wherever you're from, near or far, if you would like Lippe to visit you, please let us know!!! And please be willing to take one or more pics of Lippe at your place and tell us, what he is doing there with you!!! As I would like to update my blog about his trip, or set up a travel blog for him!!!

We picked Lippe, because he is small (10"/25cm) and he weighs less than a bar of chocolate (80 grams/less than 3 oz). He is also experienced in traveling, as he has been to NYC before. But please note, that he is short of money and he would appreciate your help on his way. You would have to pass him to his next destination, but you may let us know, if it's okay with you, to send him to another country, or if you would prefer to mail him within your own country to have lower shipping fees!!!

If you have a stuffed pal, or are one, wanting to travel, we may offer you a place to stay in Cologne as well!!! So, if you would like to pay us a visit, please let us know!!! And I promise to send my mom to our famous cathedrale to take pics with our guests!!!

Okay, now we're waiting impatiently for your responds!!! Please help Lippe's dream come true!!!


  1. Dear Mookie,
    I would love to have Chewbacca come here to the US! :-) I could send him wherever you like after he visits here. I am looking forward maybe seeing Chewbacca soon!
    Muffin (@MuffinGuineaPig from Twitter)

    P.S. I would have him take some pictures with me to send back to you. :-)

  2. We would LOVE to show Lippe Chicago! We will treat him well, take photos and give him pocket money!

  3. OMD! Let him come stay wif us in Noo Jersey! He could go hiking wif us. That would be way eggsiting. I promise I will not nom on him. And we would send him off to wherever he needs to go from here, no problem! (WARNING: Wotever you do, DO NOT SEND HIM TO @busybuttons!)

  4. Oh fun! We'd love to have him come to our house in Wisconsin too. he he - I agree with Shawnee - don't send him to @Busybuttons. Buttons would enjoy him way way too much and he would be no more!

  5. Wow, Mookie! Send me to me if you want him to smell where those cows live near here! We're in central Illinois.

    *snickers* I'm getting a bad rap from Shawnee and Mario. maybe Mom would have to supervise the visit...and I might end up getting overly excited and nomming just a little... Just a little...

    *whispers* You didn't see the post about what I did to my new monkey toy, did you???

  6. We would love to host Lippe! Perhaps I could take some pictures of him in Yellowstone National Park!

  7. Oh Mookie! Dat is brilliant! I wud likes Lippe to come and stay wif us in da UK! He can come and visit our boat and we can take him for walks on da river!

  8. Lippe can come and visit me in nooooo englund. It's snowy here so most of his adventures will involve a white background this time of year! smoooooooooooooooooch!!

  9. After Lippe visits Syd, he can come visit me since Syd and I live in different parts of New England :-).

  10. Oh course he can come and stay with us, summer would be best as we are a summer holiday island. He would be very welcome here and we may even manage to take him to see Arsenal play.

  11. I would lubs to host Lippe on hiz trip to Pennsylvania.

    Ma human did dat wif a traveling Spock action figure a few years back.

    I nose Lippe would haz loads of fun in da USofA wif me and Edgar

  12. Dear Schnille,

    Whee would love to have Lippe over and show him The Hague.
    Maybe when he almost returns home to Cologne he can visit us in the Netherlands?
    We will take some nice pigtures of him in The Hague...

    Our Stuffed piggies Suus and Dunya would love to come over and see Cologne, maybe you could take some nice pigtures of them with landmarks from Cologne, like the dom (church?)... Maybe we could do a Suus and Dunya city trip to Cologne? As you know we already did a The Hague version:
    However Suus and Dunya the stuffed versions are big... So it won't be easy to send them, but when we take out the stuffing (mom made them herself)... Then they can be folded and it will be much easier to send them!
    They when they arrive at cologne, you could stuff them with something, stuffing is best, but old clothes work fine too.. Suus even has a convenient zipper.

    Well we'll hope to meet Lippe!
    Grtz Mikey (@pandameisje) and Dunya Woopy and Chico (@guinygirlz)


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