Monday, February 15, 2010

Rose Sunday = nom noms, lots of nom noms!!!

It's Rose Monday today and there will be a BIG carnival parade in Cologne's city center. But I live in a part of Cologne called Porz and we already had this year's carnival parade yesterday afternoon!!! It's called Rose Sunday parade and I told my mom to take some pictures to show you, what was going on right outside my door!!!

Let's start with one of my favorites. This football waggon with 1 FC Köln mascot Hennes was created by carnival club Närrische Geissböck.

A group of angels throwing Kamelle (sweets) and distributing Strüssjer (flowers).

This clown is called Nubbele and the waggon was made by carnival club Poorzer Nubbele.

Some crocodiles with lots of nom noms in their bags!!!

This pirate ship is part of our carnival parade every year. It was created by the carnival club Eiler Freibeuter.

Here is a group of frogs with their little princess.

These clowns are called Lappenclowns (rag clowns), because their costumes are made of many, many single rags.

This waggon belongs to Colonian comedian Guido Cantz, who is also known on TV here in Germany. He stands at the very front of the waggon, but he's not in the pic!!! Never let my mom take a picture for you...

Another favorite of mine is the big turning man on the Hätzepöppelche waggon!!!

Congrats mom, you didn't ruin that one too!!! Here he is, looking at us!!!

Some funny dressed lighthouses!!!

And here are more pirates!!!

A world waggon...

...and the Colonian Statue of Liberty!!!

The most beautiful waggons in the Porz Rose Sunday parade are always made by the carnival club Fidele Elsdorfer!!!

Their topic this year was the football World Cup 2010. Look at the HUGE cup they created!!!
It's absolutely worth looking at more of their waggons on their homepage in the Bilder-section!!!

Here are the Cologne Ugly Cowboys with their pawsome waggon!!! You have to imagine the horse's heads... Yep, my mom is a brillant photographer!!!

But here are some men dressed as horses...

The Cologne cathedral cheering Porz Alaaf!!!

The Blau-Wiesse Funke are a very old and traditional carnival club here in Cologne. This is their senate.

We have a kid's triumvirate as well, as an adult triumvirate in Porz. Here is the children triumvirate with virgin Corinna, peasant Robin and prince Mike I.

And this is the adult triumvirate of 2010, formed by virgin Stefanie, peasant Dieter and prince Dieter I.

The weather was awful, but the parade was pawsome!!!

Porz Alaaf!!! Kölle Alaaf!!!


  1. Wow! What an amazing parade. My mom says she's never seen anything like that. You really live in a cool place, Mookie!

  2. That is so pawsome! Thanks for the wonnerful pikshurs. It maded me feel like I woz there eggsept I could not reach in and get some of the noms. Did you open your winder so some noms could fly in?

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely parade with us, Mookie!

  4. That is so exciting thank you for showing us your wonderful pictures Mookie!


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