Friday, February 26, 2010

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!!!

I have to tell you all about the 2nd award I received for my bloggy!!! My friend Eline from Norway got the Sunshine award for her blog From the high North and passed it on to me!!! How exciting, everybody have a look at it!!!

Thank you sooooo much Eline, my dear!!! BIG HUGS to you!!!

Now, it's my turn to bring some sunshine to 12 other bloggies, that put a smile on my face and brighten my days (note the rhyme, please)!!!

Here they are and they come in no other, than alphabetical order (you all know I'm German, so perfection is always my goal):

Arthur's Blog 
Busy, Busy Buttons 
Christopher's Groove 
Fueled by cupcakes 
Henry and friends (no bloggy, but pawsome webpage)
Jin Jin & Pixel's Bloggy 
Kolo's world 
Life without borders (as if!) 
Mario's Meowsings 
Max The Quilt Cat 
Sid the Catahoula 

Now for the rules!!! Oh yes, there are some, but don't panic!!!

By accepting the award, you have to give sunshine to 12 other bloggies that light up your everyday life. Link the nominees in your post about the Sunshine award and let them know they were nominated by commenting on their blog. It's as easy as that, so come on pass the sunshine!!!


  1. Wow - waht a nice surprise to find my name on your award list. I'm very honored. My peeps just got back from a 2-week vacation today, so they a bit overwhelmed at present with domestic stuff, but we'll attend to this as soon as we can. What a thoughtful little friend your are.

  2. You are so deserving of the award Schnille! You make me smile so often!

  3. Wow thanks mookie for the sunshine award, I'm so glad I brighten up your day.
    Thanks for making me smile as well.
    I will award 12 of my friends in due course.
    Thanks again mookie

  4. Thank You for the SUNSHINE Mookie! Glad you enjoyed my silly blog =)

    I passed some Sunshine along to some more great blogs. What a great idea.

    ~Your pal,


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