Monday, January 25, 2010

Pimpin' Playa Pig!!!

Okay, football is my passion, but now have a look at that pic my mom drew of me!!! And this is supposed to be a football I'm holding and not a cookie... that would be so much the worse!!! But notice that silly expression on my face?! Do I really look like that???

I can tell you it is hard work being a hustlaman, when your mom always sees the cutie pie in you!!! I mean I may be little, I may be fluffy and I must confess yes, I have little button eyes, but I am still the ladies pick, mom!!!

So let's be indulgent to my her, as she can't help it, she just has the mom-view on me!!! But next time, remember what I told you and bring that player pig to paper!!!


  1. You're a total ladies' man, Mookie! You captured my heart! *kisskiss*

  2. Mookie! I am really enjoying your blog! Good job! And you are awfully danged cute..

  3. hehe! Mookie, you look so cute!! Tell your mom, I always love her drawings!! *ahem* yes, bud, I kno you're a lady's man/guineapig. *ahem* hehehehe! HUGS! =:3

  4. What a cute pic of you! Umm...I mean...what a manly portrait... *snickers*


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