Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG, I finally got my blog!!!

I have been talking to my mom for months now to set me a blog up!!! But all she did was signing up with Blogger, to forget the email addresses and pass words she used!!! It's a pity with my mom...

But now I finally forced her to write my first blog entry on the third (!) blog she set up for me!!! And I'm very excited about having my own blog now, cause I have a lot to say...

I have been on Twitter for almost one year now and I found way more than I ever expected when I joined in!!! The anipal community there is absolutely amazing and pawsome (as we use to say). I found animal and human friends from all over the world on Twitter!!! My anipals live in the US, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Australia, or, like me, in Germany. Many of them became close friends of mine and we're in contact for many months now and chat almost daily on Twitter.
One day, the wisest bear on earth, the bear doctor found out how much I like post cards and decided to send me one!!! Soon, many other of my anipals wanted to send me post cards too!!! I received more than 60 (!) over the last months, plus a bunch of wonderful Christmas cards and my first Halloween card ever!!! Our kitchen wall is postered with all them cards and we will have to take over another wall soon!!! I would like to thank you all sooooo much for sending me these beautiful cards!!! I love you and you are the best pals I could ever imagine!!!
Here's me with my first post card from the Doc!!! Thank you for starting this off, we miss you on Twitter, come back soon!!!


  1. OMD you has a blog! (and did you notice that rhymes?) How interesting to read how your Twitter postcard collekshun started. I did not knows you has gotten so many postcards. That rilly is pawsome!

  2. We love you, too, Mookie! (((hugs))) *kisskiss*

  3. Hello Mookie! (Mookie huh? *giggle*) Your blog has started off much nicer than mine! Mine is one complaint after another, you are full of praise for your dear friends... mine is full of sh*t. But na ja, so geht es halt. I'm am just not charming, I know it, aber dass ist mir ScheiƟ egal. Ask "Mookie" to translate that for you if anyone doesn't understand... he'll be delighted I'm sure.

    Thank you for this blog, I have enjoyed your entries so far very much indeed. You are very talented for a Meerschwein.

    I shall be back regularly and not hesitate to give you my opinion, I'm sure you're thrilled. ;)

  4. AWWWWww...!! yes, Doc is very wise! I'm so glad you found twitter too! We love sending you postcards! *big smiles*
    Zackary =:3
    ps. congrats on getting your own blog! I know what it's like when it comes to motivating the humans... ;\


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