Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanna sit on my park bench, baby???

Yesterday was a great day for me!!! Wanna know why??? I received the first parcel of my life!!! It was sent to me by my darling @jazzydacat and she had ordered my present on the internet - in German!!! Clever kitty, that Jazzy!!!

It was a BIG parcel and it was addressed to Herr Mookie Kobs - and I really don't know, why my mom finds this funny... Humans!!!

I told her not to laugh silly, but to open it and then checked it from all sides...

And now, guess, what was inside - a park bench just for me!!! Mom wanted to make me lay down on it, with her ridiculous slice of carrot, but I was really hungry and decided to see, if the bench had a nice taste too...

...nope, it's definitely no food!!! So, I had a lay on the bench, but suddenly slipped down and almost landed on my back!!! My mom was laughing hard, telling me "Oh Mookie, I'm afraid, you're too fat for that bench!!!" Unbelievable!!! Am I fat?!

I finally placed my bench into my cage and covered it with hay, so mom won't see me trying it out again...

I love my bench and I love you, my dear Jazzy!!! And believe me, I'm not fat, darling, I'm only fluffy!!!

Thank you sooooo much for your pawsome present!!! BIG HUGS and lots of XXXXXXX to you!!!


  1. Mookie: You are very lucky. What a wonderful bench and don't you let anyone tell you that you're fat... You are beautiful.

    *nosetaps* to you...

  2. Great prezzie !! an I nos you is not fat Mookie dat U is just fluffy BOL dat @jazzydacat is a great pal to send this bench to you an in German also, Jazzy is a so special an so are you Mookie !!1 HUGs Hugs xxxxx

  3. Wow - what a nice gift from Jazzydacat. You are just the cutest. I like how you just had to start rearranging things by putting hay on the bench. My sisfur has 2 gerbils and dey do cute things like dat too.

  4. What a neat present! Girl thinks you are just the cutest-she had a guinea pig when she was little. Thanks for commenting on my blog post about Ein! :)

  5. Wow, doz ya fink a pussycat cd sit on one of dem? Dat's a gr8 presunt from da lurvly Jazzy, concatulations! Isa xox

  6. That is a really cool bench! Jazzydacat is usually naughty...but she really let her "nice" side shine! *hugs*


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