Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shots, ash clouds and baboon hugs...

After his busy day at UCL London, the weekend was calling for Lippe - the weekend, and the vet!!! Oh yes, Miss Posh Cat @jazzydacat had to get her yearly shots!!! I don't know much about that stuff, as I was only being shot once, when I had a bad inflammation in my eyes and the vet shot the vitamins right into my neck!!! I guess, she never heard about those painless little vitamin pills... But however, this is not about me... Darn it!!!

Before they took off to the vet, Lippe needed an English breakfast to start the day. Otherwise, the noises coming out of his tummy had been sooooo loud, that the vet would have thought he was the patient!!!

When Lippe's tummy was filled up with sausages, he was ready to leave the house. But where is our poshy cat?! Still in front of the mirror?! As if the pink carrier wasn't stylish enough!!!

Hours later - arrival at the vet's. Jazzy had to find her engagement ring from @cokiethecat first!!! She refused to leave the house without it!!!

Jazzy recognized the place, I will try to translate her expression: "Darn it, darn it, darn it!!! How come, they brought me here again?!" While Lippe still seems to dream about sausages, steaks, ice cream, sweets...

Miss Posh decided to take it all like a lady and to ignore the vet preparing the shots behind her back!!! Lippe did his best to calm her down and to pretend it wasn't him, who took her to this terrifying place. Did she believe him??? Check the look on her face to find the answer!!!

There she is, Samantha the vet, and Lippe got really excited, as he awaited an old grumpy man to be the vet... He tried to catch her eye, but his blue eyes didn't work, Samantha kept concentrating on her job.

We're all feeling with you, Jazzy!!! OUCH!!! But she kept her stiff upper lip and was like "anything going on here???" Lippe was a bit afraid to get prickled himself, so he tried to hide under Jazzy's tummy... And according to the vet, there is enough space to hide, as she mentioned the BAD diet word!!!

Back home, Jazzy and Lippe both needed a nappy. At least, it's not forbidden to dream of treats and you won't need a diet after tasting them!!!

But when Lippe had a look at sleeping beauty Jazzy, he thought, she might be a wonderful fluffy fur bed for him!!! He just had to give it a try!!!

Later on, they decided to play some funny games. Or maybe, the kick was for using her Majesty as a fur bed!!!

But when they turned on the TV, the fun was all over!!! Lippe's beloved BBC News girl told them about the Icelandic volcano with the funny name and the not so funny ash cloud it was sending towards them!!!

Oh boy, they needed protection from the ashes!!! So, they had a little chat about what to do and found the ultimate solution...

I proudly present their efficient little helper to fight aliens and ash clouds!!! The stylish (of course) "bad ash helmet"!!!

The bad ash helmet will soon be available for all sizes worldwide in a shop near you!!!

But the ash cloud did not only bring design awards for the bad ash helmet, it also caused BIG trouble to Lippe's schedule!!! He was set to fly to the USA after visiting Jazzy, but the cloud said NO, no one's gonna fly, where I am flying!!! Naughty!!!

Lippe was grounded and we had to find another solution!!! And the solution was called @Kolo_Martin!!! He offered to welcome Lippe at his house, as his pawson was kept grounded too, not because of the ashes, but due to an illness, which suddenly occured, when she was on her way to the airport, to catch a flight to Texas!!! Because of Judith's Texas holiday, Lippe was originally set to visit Kolo and his family on his way back home from the US and Australia, but destiny brought them together earlier!!!

There was a BIG pawty to say goodbye to Lippe at da Jazzy's house, but no one knew, he would return!!! But that's another story to tell... Oh yes, Lippe wanted adventure and he got plenty of it!!!

Moving on to Kolo was a rather short trip, as the Isle of Wight is not too far away from London and Kolo's pawson Judith even is a born London girl!!! The beautiful isle is located in the English channel 3-8 miles off the south coast of England and you can only reach it by hovercraft!!! What fun for Lippe!!!

The first thing Lippe saw when he arrived, were Kolo's wide open arms, to give him one of his BIG baboon hugs!!! And we all know, Kolo is a professional hugger!!!

Lippe mentioned to be a bit hungry, just a tiny bit and Kolo and his mate @Leroy_Sealion offered him chocolates and a warm welcome tea.

That made Lippe feel at home right away and he told Kolo and Leroy everything he had seen so far. They were quite impressed by his stories!!!

But Kolo had something on tab to impress with as well - his lovely garden!!! He took Lippe outside to show him around.

Lippe just loved Kolo's beautiful balcony with all the flowers and had to check if he could offer a helping hand to water them.

And Kolo had another surprise for Lippe - he and his family have their own football museum at their house!!! At least do they have enough footy collectibles, to open up a museum with them!!!

Lippe was impressed with the World Cup mascots collection...

...and especially with the World Cup Willie toffee tin, which was created for World Cup 1966 in England. I bet, he thought, there were still toffees inside!!! And I'm sure, he would have eaten 44 years old toffees!!!

After looking at the pawsom football collection, Lippe had a chat with the Gunnersaurus, who has a very important job - he is working as the FC Arsenal London mascot. He had a lot to tell about being such a famous mascot and Lippe started to think about replacing Hennes, the living billy goat, as mascot for FC Köln, when being back home...

Later, Lippe went up to the balcony again, to enjoy the beautiful view, Kolo has from his home. He can see Portsmouth on one hand...

...and Southampton on the other.

But this was only Lippe's first day at Kolo's home and there is sooooo much more to tell... And I promise to catch up with my next post sooner!!!

But to let everybody know - Lippe already entered the US shores and is currently with his first US host @grrlysquirrel, who lives near Boston, MA!!!


  1. Lippe has done so much and had so many adventures, we loved having him here it was a real treat to show him around!

  2. Oh my - dat Lippie sure is having a great time. Even the bad Ash stuff didn't stop him long, pus added a new adventure. We'd better start planning his visit soon. Hope we can show him as good of a time as he's had on other visits. Can't wait till he comes to see me.

  3. Wow, you had a great trip Lippe. I sure am jealous you got to see Kolo and Jazzy.

  4. That looks like a very nice time. I am glad that you worked around the volcano! Is he on his way to the US now?

  5. What a fab story look like you had a lotta fun at Kolo's house.


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